April 2015

The markets in the ICT and media fields have changed radically during the past few years. In the ICT field, development is advanced by especially different kinds of mobile applications. Industrial internet is also becoming an every-day reality. In the media field, a historical change is taking course, where the emphasis of media use is shifting strongly online. For an increasing number of companies, appropriate ICT services form an essential part of the company’s strategic success factors.

At Apex Communications, we believe that making use of the appropriate ICT services is often the most cost-effective way of developing new business operations and the easiest way to develop a company’s operations. In many cases, an external consultant may recognise the development possibilities more clearly than the company’s own personnel. The consultant’s vast experience regarding different organisations and solutions as well as the possibilities to focus in depth on the customers’ needs significantly enhance the performance of the development project.

Hannu Peltola