We implement successful ICT projects

Project management is the core of Apex Communications. Our consultants have managed many demanding ICT projects as representatives of both the supplier and the customer. Typical projects have included large outsourcing projects, tendering processes, productisation of new services, extensive reorganisations of ICT services and system updates. Several of the projects have been multivendor projects, with many either Finnish or international parties.

Cornerstones of successful IT projects

Comprehensive description of success factors requires discussing different types of projects by project type. However, some simple rules of thumb should be taken into consideration:

  • A successful IT project is created already in the planning phase. An old truth applies here as well: good planning is half the job. Many projects fail in their first metres due to faulty planning.
  • The project should take into account, both in the planning and the implementation phase, all the parties to the project – such as suppliers, different customer units, service desk, subcontractors and suppliers of system integrations
  • A sufficient amount of time should be reserved for implementing the project. In the IT field, planning too tight project implementation schedules in advance seems to be a cardinal sin. Creating something new always takes its time, and there are always surprises or changes that affect the schedules.
  • Prepare for changes during the project. All changes must be recorded and processed systematically.

We will return to the IT project success factors in more detail in our future blog posts.


The project managers and leaders of Apex Communications have extensive experience in general project management methodologies. We often implement the projects using the customer’s own project models. When needed, we may also use general project models, such as the PRINCE2 model. We have also implemented projects as combinations of waterfall and agile methodologies. It may be useful, for example, to implement a part of the project with an agile methodology, if all the required work phases cannot be planned in the beginning of the project.

Other project management support services

We have also developed our customer companies’ project models and project management practices. Please contact us using the feedback form for more information about these services.

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