IT consulting with many years of experience

Company profile

Apex Communications Finland Oy, founded in 1998, is a Finnish independent business management company, focused on ICT services.

More than one hundred implemented customer projects and a good balance between projects for ICT companies and other organisations provide a solid basis for successful management of customer projects. Our consultants have acted as representatives of both suppliers and customers, and they can evaluate the required solutions from both perspectives.

Business idea

Our business idea is to produce high-quality consulting services tailored for the customers’ needs, as well as successful ICT projects supporting the customer’s business operations. In addition, we provide innovative service solutions as cloud services, representing the top products in their field.


Our customer relationships have been long, many of the current customer relationships have started already in 1998.

We are a financially sound company with the best AAA credit rating for several years (Bisnode credit rating service).

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